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Not all mediations are the same, and neither are mediators. With experience as a civil trial attorney dating back to 2008, and participating in hundreds of mediations, I have become intimately familiar with skills necessary to maximize the probability of resolution. Let me use these skills to help you resolve your conflicts, even where resolution seems impossible. 

Let’s look at the alternative. Lawsuits are expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining, and inherently unpredictable. If your case goes to trial, your future will be decided by a judge, or a jury of strangers. The ultimate decisions reached by a judge or jury are uncertain. Fortunately, mediation allows you to make a decision about your case, which allows you to take back control of your life 

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As an experienced litigator and trial lawyer, I have consistently been recognized as a top attorney in California, including recognition as a Super Lawyer in employment law. I have successfully tried numerous cases to verdict. However, along with that experience, I have learned that trial is time consuming and oftentimes spiritually and emotionally draining for all persons involved. I know firsthand that outcomes at trial are unpredictable. I understand the comfort and assurance that comes with maintaining control of your future. By mediating your case, you retain control over the outcome of your life, and you can gain closure by resolving your conflicts without trial.

How You Can Work With Me

Mediations are an extremely beneficial alternative dispute resolution process. The skills of the mediator can determine whether or not you are successful in getting your case resolved. As an endurance athlete, I know that proper planning and preparation are vital to success on race day. The same is true about your mediation. Your mediation starts before the day of your mediation. I work closely with all sides to make sure that the stage is set for the highest probability of success on mediation day. 

Before Mediation

I like to get to know the parties and, importantly, their views of the issues. The only way to resolve conflicts is to understand and address the underlying issues and interests of each party. Traditionally this involves the submission of concise mediation briefs. This may also include a pre-mediation meeting or call to help me prepare for the dynamics of mediation day to increase your chance of success. 

During Mediation

I use distributive and integrative mediation processes to help parties collaborate to reach resolutions. Oftentimes mediators lose sight of the fact that there are often mutual interests between the parties. Too many mediations focus on the concept that there is a finite pie available to split at mediation, and that the “winner” at mediation is the side that gets the bigger piece of the pie. I focus on the interests of the parties instead of only the surface-level issues. I understand that resolutions sometimes require creative solutions, and mediation is not a “one size fits all” process. I adapt for each mediation based on the dynamics of the parties and issues. 

After Mediation

No matter how hard the parties try, not every case resolves on the day of mediation. Sometimes parties are simply not ready to reach resolution. I am a believer that there is no such thing as a unsuccessful mediation. In mediation, the exchange of information helps us move closer to resolution. For that reason, I am committed to following up with parties after mediation, to ensure that all efforts to reach a resolution and resolve conflict are exhausted. 

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Benefits of hiring me as your mediator...

Real world legal experience

I have been a civil litigator and trial attorney since 2008. I worked for one of San Diego's top employment law firms and founded my own employment focused law firm in 2014.

Professionally trained mediator

I hold a certificate for the "Mediating the Litigated Case" program through the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.

Compassionate and caring

I understand that emotions and relationships can oftentimes create roadblocks to achieving resolution. I make sure that those emotions and relationships are examined, so that we can work through them.

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Why Mediation?

Mediations can be intimidating, especially if you have never participated in one before. They can also be anxiety invoking and scary to someone who has never participated in one before. This guide will help you understand how mediation works, to set you up for success. By being prepared, we can even the power dynamic so that all parties start on the same footing. 

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Why they call me the Marathon Mediator

I am an avid distance runner. So, when I’m not working to help parties resolve conflicts, you can find me out on a run. I am a four-time Boston Marathon finisher and have several top 100 finishes in local San Diego half marathons. In 2011, I ran my first Boston Marathon as a charity runner for The Hoyt Foundation.

In 2013, I helped form Team Hoyt San Diego – a nonprofit organization that provides services to people with disabilities to allow them to participate in athletic endeavors like running races and triathlons. I served as the President of Team Hoyt San Diego from 2013 to 2021. I continue to serve on the board of Team Hoyt San Diego, and continue to participate in San Diego’s local races.  

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